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Construction Liens Attorney


Texas has historically sought to protect the rights of tradesmen and laborers to compensation for their labor and materials. This right to compensation goes back to the earliest days of Texas history and is secured by a constitutional grant of lien rights.

Lien perfection and enforcement

The Texas mechanic’s and materialmen’s lien statute and the Texas Constitution contain the requirements for establishing a mechanic’s lien. Among those requirements is written notice and/or deadline to file a suit to enforce.  In some occasions this notice must be sent within certain time limits, to specified parties, and must contain information identified in the statute.  Failure to comply with these requirements can result in the loss of lien rights. Construction Liens Attorney Javier Marcos  can assist you with the transactional aspects of lien or bond claims enforcement including the preparation and filing of notices and lien affidavits, ensuring that the timeline is properly followed.

Litigation of Materialman’s and mechanics’ lien 

Construction Liens Attorney Javier Marcos will help you identify your rights under the Texas Property Code and Texas Constitution and immediately take steps to identify how to prosecute or defend a Mechanic and Materiamlmen lien filed against you and/or to obtain monies owed to you. Construction Liens Attorney Javier Marcos will file suit to remove the lien or file suit to possibly foreclose on the mechanics’ and materialmen’s lien.  It is important to note that it is often more economical, or financially feasible, to negotiate a settlement in a payment dispute to avoid a zero recovery due to unforeseen circumstances such as bankruptcy. Construction Liens Attorney Javier Marcos have handled thousands of disputes in Texas and Federal Courts and we are well-prepared to represent your interests.

Who can place a “Lien”?

Any contractor or person that builds and makes improvements or repairs on a property, provides construction materials, rents equipment, or renders services to improve the property has the right to be paid through the property if he/she has not been paid for their services.

  • Contractors.
  • Subcontractors.
  • Employees.
  • Companies that don’t receive pay.
  • Equipment supplier.
  • Equipment rental companies.
  • Sellers of Construction materials.

Non-payment / Loss of Salary / Are you still owed money or have you been paid less than the full amount on a Construction Project?

  • Construction Liens Attorney Javier Marcos will take care of getting you the money you are owed on construction projects.
  • Don’t wait for them to tell you:  “I’ll pay you next week” and then a week later they say,”Next week”.
  • You shouldn’t let longer than 30 days pass from the end of the job or you may not be able to place a lien on the property.
  • If those 30 days pass without your having been paid it is very difficult to recover the money you’re owed.
  • To recover your money, you should call Construction Liens Attorney Javier Marcos in less than 30 days from the end of the construction job.

Your Call is Important

Your immigration status doesn’t matter.  Irrelevant, if you’re here illegally, with permission, or with a work visa we can help you.

If you’ve suffered an accident, you have a right to file a lawsuit to recover your losses, medical expenses, treatment, pain & suffering, lost wages, inability to work or function, property damages, and others.

It’s important that you quickly call Construction Liens Attorney Javier Marcos so that you can commence your medical treatment, do not worsen your legal position, preserve evidence, and learn your rights.

Attorney Free Consultation is provided by Javier Marcos and Associates, your information is 100% confidential and we’ll visit the accident site, your home, or the hospital.

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