Why should I file a construction lien?

Construction liens are you best chance to get paid for the work, equipment or products that you put into a project whether it be a residential property or commercial property.  The Texas Property Code protects contractors, sub-contractors or anyone who put in work on a project to get paid per the contract.  A construction [...]

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Who can file a construction lien?

Any General Contractor, Subcontractor, Laborer, Material Supplier, Architect, Engineer, or Surveyor, who has provided labor, materials, equipment, plans, plats, or surveys to a Property for the construction or repair of a house, building, or a structure, may Lien a Property (file a Lien against the Property).

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What is involved in filing a lien?

The following steps are typically necessary in order to perfect a statutory lien under the Texas Property Code: Prepare and Serve the Pre-Lien Notice Letter: If you were hired by anyone other than the property owner, before you can file a lien you must serve the owner and general contractor with a Pre-Lien Notice [...]

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What are the deadlines for filing a lien?

Commercial Property Lien The lien affidavit must be filed with the County Clerk’s Office in the county where the property is located by no later than the 15th day of the fourth month from when you last worked at the project, excluding punch work and warranty work. NOTE: The deadline to file a Lien [...]

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What Information Must Be Included in the Lien Affidavit?

The Texas Property Code requires the following specific categories of information to be in a lien affidavit in order for the lien to be valid: Identification of the Claimant - the lien affidavit must identify the registered legal business name or DBA name as well as the person that is filing the lien for [...]

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