Why should I file a construction lien?

Why should I file a construction lien?

Construction liens are you best chance to get paid for the work, equipment or products that you put into a project whether it be a residential property or commercial property.  The Texas Property Code protects contractors, sub-contractors or anyone who put in work on a project to get paid per the contract.  A construction lien is your best chance at getting paid because it puts an “encumbrance” on a property so that generally it cannot be sold, refinanced without first taking care of its debts and outstanding liens.

In the event that you are a sub-contractor, it creates an enforceable situation between the owner and the general contractor to make sure that the general contractor pays out to all the sub-contractors especially if the general contractor has already been paid.

It does not matter who hired you for the job, whether it was the owner or the general contractor the owner hired to get the project done.  You as a sub-contractor that provided a service or product to the project is entitled to payment and as such can file a lien on the construction project.

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