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Your Call is Important

If you have not been paid by the person or company who hired you for a residential or commercial project whether you are a general contractor or sub-contractor, you need to call Attorney Javier Marcos as soon as possible.  There are deadlines and procedures that must be followed to compel payment but time is of the essence.

It is important that you contact the law office of Attorney Javier Marcos so that he can commence getting the detailed property information and filings necessary to successfully levy a lien on the property so that you can get payment.  Property owners may be working on refinancing or selling the property so time is very important.  If a general contractor failed to pay you for your work or products you provided, Attorney Javier Marcos can help you get paid.

Call Attorney Javier Marcos and Associates, a Texas Construction Liens Lawyer, that will Litigate your case,  713-999-4444 / 1(800) 444-8118.